REG. NO. : G.M.R. Bom 400/98 -B.B.B.S.D.

Kalpana Marriage Kendra

C-10, Bhanu Jyoti Building, Nivetia Road,
Opp. Bank of India, Near Ranisati Railway Crossing
Malad (E), Mumbai 400097, India
Tel: 91-22- 28760669 / 28729046.
Whatsaap No: 09869051141

Contact  Mrs. Kalpana Shah : Mobile : 0-9167291350

Contact : Mrs. Monica Shah : Mobile : 0-9768344326

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Divorcee Brides

CODE : DF-125 : Very beautiful, fair complexion, highly educated, Gujarati Brahmin 32 yrs, 5'7", 65 kgs (divorcee). Wanted match well-settled educated Bombay/abroad (caste no bar). At present working in foreign company officer. One child 10 yrs (studying, English medium).

CODE : DF-155 : 62 Born, Hindu Marwari Agrawal, M.D. (Gynae), M.R. Cog, Ph.D. (London, U.K.),Beautiful Personality,  5'5", 50 Kgs

CODE : DF-178 : Fair, slim, beautiful innocent divorcee 40 yrs, 52 kg, Gujarati Jain, BA, educated looking for a match from well-established businessman/service holder from good company, Bombay-based. (7 yrs old child).

CODE : DF-179 : Very beautiful, slim, fair complexion, 30 yrs, 55 kg, 5'3", Hindu Karnataka, innocent divorcee, MCom, FDM, working woman looking for well-qualified and well-settled south Indian, Marathi, Gujarati either Gulf/USA Doctor/Engineer

CODE : DF-183 : Sidhi (Innocent Divorcee) M.B.B.S. Doctor, very beautiful, slim, fair complexion, 30 yrs, 5'3", 48kgs, At present kolhapur based seeks alliance from handsome personality good looking and well settled Doctor. From aborad (USA based). First preference Bombay/Pune/Kolhapur

CODE : DF-191 : At present California/USA. Working as a Product Marketing Manager, beautiful, slim, fair, highly educated from well-settled family. 39yrs, 5'5", 55kg, Bengali education M.B.A. & M.S. from USA. Wanted highly educated well-settled never married & Mumbai based groom between 40 to 45yrs of age. Caste no bar

CODE : DF-243 : Maharashtrian Brahmin, fair, very beautiful, age 27, 5'4", 57 kgs, innocent divorcee, M.B.B.S. doing M.D., seeks from highly educated, financially well settled, cultured family, caste no bar, Mumbai/Pune based.

CODE : DF-247 : Christian, smart, beautiful, divorcee, having two children, July 60 born Age 39 (looks very young)/5"/50 Kg. BA, presently working seeks, alliance from christian well settled family.

CODE : DF-249 : Gujrati Vaishnav, beautiful, fair, innocent divorcee Age 27/5.3"/54 Kg. Educated, working seeks from NRI'S from USA / U.K. (Caste no bar)

CODE : DF-252 : Rajasthani Brahmin Fair, smart, beautiful, innocent divorcee, Age 27/5.6"/45 Kg. M.Sc. (Microbiology) seeks alliance from smart business man / serviceman from cultured family. (Caste no bar)

CODE : DF-307 : Vaishnav Vanik, fair ,slim, 73 born / 5'4" / 49kg, innocent divorcee, Comp. Engg. Seeks handsome,educated / businessman or abroad based.

CODE  : DF-308 :Agrawal, beautiful, 75 born/ 5’1”,B.A.,Fashion Desg., Import-Export Mgt., divorcee. Seeks well settled, businessmen groom (caste no bar).

CODE  : DF-310 : New Jersy based, Guj.,beautiful, 65 born/ 5’3”, M.Sc., prof.qualified, divorcee. Seeks well settled, businessmen, India /Abroad groom (caste no bar).

CODE : DF-312 : Maharastrian Brahmin, beautiful, 59 born/ 5”, M.Com., LLB, prof.qualified, divorcee. Seeks qualified businessmen. Only Abroad based groom (caste no bar).
CODE : DF-313 : Canada based, Maithili Brahmin, brillent, 67 born/ 5’4”, B.A., Software Prof., divorcee. Seeks prof.qualified. Only Canada, USA  based groom (caste no bar).

CODE  : DF-314 : Maharastrian, very beautiful, 75 born/ 5’6”, M.A., Diamond Technology & Hotel Mgt., innocent divorcee. Seeks prof.qualified, businessmen groom (caste no bar).

CODE  :DF-315 : Guj.Jain, very beautiful, 69 born/ 5’3”, B.A.Pol.Science, Hotel Mgt., Montessary (London), divorcee. Seeks very well settled big businessmen, India/ Abroad based groom (caste no bar).

CODE : DF-316 : Maheshwari, beautiful, fair, 73 born/ 5’2”, M.Sc. B.Ed.,C-DAC prof.qualified, divorcee. Seeks well educated, prof.businessmen groom (caste no bar).

CODE : DF-317 : Keralite(Christian), beautiful, 72 born/ 5’4”, M.Com., Business Mgt., director of own firm, divorcee.  Seeks prof.qualified PG groom (caste no bar).

CODE  : DF-318 : Guj.Patel, beautiful, 71 born/ 5’4”, SSC, divorcee. Seeks simple well settled groom. 

CODE  : DF-374 :  76 Born, 5.7”, Slim, Fair, MBBS, MS (Opthomology), father is businessman, Kolhapur, Divocee 9 No Issuee) , Oswal Jain, High Qualified, Jain, India.

CODE  : DF-375 :  68 Born, 5.4”, Slim, fair, BE, MIE, DCM, Work as Electronic Engg., Divorcee ( 2 issuee but no liability ), Maratha, Cast no Bar, Business or Service Class.

CODE  : DF-379 :  61 Born, 5.1”, Slim, Fair, BE MTECH, Work as a Engg, Mumbai Widow ( 2 Issuee), No Liability, Jain, Cast No Bar High Qualified, Business or Service Class, Pure Veg.

CODE  : DF-380 :  78 Born, 5.4”, Slim, Software Engg., Work in Multimedia Pune, Father has B’ness Divorcee ( No issuee), Jain, Business or Service class, Jain, India base.

CODE  : DF-382 :  80 Born, 5.1”, 53kg., fair, Graduate, Jain Marwari, Teacher in School, Pune B’ness class, Cast no Bar, Business or service class, Pure Veg. India or Abroad.

CODE  : DF-383 :   72 Born, 5.2”, 58kg., V. Fair, BDS Doctor, own Clinic, Mumbai, Punjabi Divorcee ( No Issuee ) Cast no Bar, High Qualified, Business or High Professional, Mumbai.

CODE  : WF-385 :  71 Born, 5.3”, Gujrati, Slim, Fair, Vaishnav, MCS, working in TATA Co., Widow 2 issuess, Mumbai, Cast no Bar, pref. Mumbai Qualified, Service or Business class. India / Abroad.

ODE  : DF-386 :  76 Born, 5.4”, fair, slim Gour Brahmin, BSC, Dip in Software Technology, work in BPO, Pune,

CODE  : DF-387 :  77 Born, 5.3”, Punjabi, fair, slim, Bsc, master in HRD, NIFD, working in Diamond firm, Divorcee no issusee, Business class Mumbai, Cast No Bar, Qualified, Service or Business class.

CODE  : WF-389 :  63 Born, 5.3” 65kg., Fair, Good, Looking, Roman Catholic, BA, Working in Co., Widow one issusee, Mumbai, Cast No Bar, Service or Business class. India/Abroad.

CODE  : DF-390 :  65 Born, 5.2”, Marwari, slim, Good Looking, BA, Management Course, Divorcee no issusee, Mumbai, Cast No bar, Business Class, Well Settled India/Abroad.

CODE  : WF-391 :  77 Born, 5.5”, 60 kg., fair, Sharp features, LLB.LLM, Working, Widow one issusee, Business class Mumbai, Jain, Cast No Bar (Veg.), Qualified Service or Business class. India/Abroad.

CODE  : DF-392 :  71 Born, 5.4”, 58kg., fair, B’ful, BA, Interior, Home Science, no issusee, Business class Pune, Jain, Service or Business class, Same Cast only India/Abroad.

CODE  : DF-393 :  69 Born, 5.5”, 60kg., fair, sharp features, BA, Ced., Divorcee one issusee, Business class Mumbai, Jain, Cast No Bar (Veg.), Service or Business class. India/Abroad, well settled.

CODE  : DF-395 :  71 Born, 5.8”, 48kg., Sharp features, Bcom, Working Divorcee no issusee, Kshatriya Business class, Mumbai, Cast No bar, Qualified, Service or Business class. India/Abroad.

CODE  : DF-396 :  76 Born, 5.3”, 51kg., fair, B’ful, BS(USA) in interior Desig. Divorcee, no issusee, Business class Mumbai, Jain, Gujrati, Cast no Bar, Qualified Service or Business class. India/Abroad.

CODE  : DF-397 :  71 Born, 5.3”, 45 kg., fair, Good Looking, BA, own Business, Divorcee No issusee, Mumbai, 96 Kuli Maratha, Service or Business class. Any Maharashtrian India/Abroad.

CODE  : DF-398 :  71 Born, 5.1” , 60 kg.,  Sharp features, Bsc, airlines and travel mgmt. Work as executive Divorcee no issule, Pune, Bengali, Cast no Bar, Qualified, Service or Business class. India base.

CODE  : DF-400 :  76 Born, 5.5”, 50 kg., fair, sharp features, PG, work as Advt. Media, Divorcee no issusee, Mumbai, UP Bihar, Cast No Bar (Veg.,) Qualified, Service or Business class. Mumbai base.

CODE  : DF-402 :  47 Born, 5.2”, 58kg., V. Fair, sharp features, Bsc, Business, Hindu, Divorcee one issusee settled in Abroad, Mumbai, Cast No Bar, Service or Business class. Pref Abroad.

CODE  : DF-403 :  63 Born, 5.5”, 60 kg., Slim, Sharp features, Bsc, Fashion Tech. New York, Business class, No issusee, Mumbai, Jain, Service or Business class. Jain, India base.

CODE  : DF-404 :  70 Born, 5.4”, 66 kg., fair, Graduate, Divorcee no issusee, father advocate Mumbai, Punjabi, Cast no Bar, Service or Business class. India base.

CODE  : DF-405 :  66 Born, 5.3”, 66 kg., Wheatish, 12th, Service, Divorcee no issusee, Mumbai, Protestant Christian Tamil, Cast No Bar, Service or Business class. Only Mumbai base.

CODE  : DF-406 : 68 Born, 5.3”, Slim, Rajput, BA, Biologist Div ( one issue) settled in USA, Well settled family, Cast no Bar. Div/Unm/Wid, Qualified well settled sound family India/Abroad.

CODE  : DF-407 : 78 Born, 5.6”, Slim, Jain, BA, MA, Journalism sound fly, Convent Edu., Div ( one issue), Cast no Bar (Veg), Settled, India/Abroad.

CODE  : DF-408 :  81 Born, 5.8”, V. fair, V B’ful, Slim, v well settled, Guj. Kohana, Graduate, Fashion design, very sound income seeking any Industrialist or Business Class any Hindu, India / Abroad.

ODE : DF- 409 :  68 Born, 5ft., Brahmin Guj., Bcom, Smart fair, Widow 1 daughter, own Business in Maharashtra V. well settled family, seeking Hindu Cast no Bar, Business or High Post Service Class well settled.

CODE : DF- 458 : Age 30 yrs, Digamber Jain, 5.2”, Graduation from Nift in Fashion Designing, Currently Working with SCRAM , Divorce (short ), very Fair & Beautiful, very well settled Business Class Family Khar ,Mumbai ,only daughter.

CODE : DF-457 : Age 33 yrs, Gujarati Jain, 5.3”, BCOM, MBA , Divorce, Have one Issue Son Father have Own Business, very Fair & Beautiful, very well settled Business Class Family Chembur in posh locality

. CODE : DF-454 : Age 42 yrs, Swetamber Jain, 5.3”, BCOM, Beauty & Hair Dressing From Singapur & L’oreal, Divorce , Have two Issue One Son and One Daughter, very Fair & Beautiful, very well Settled Business Class Family PUNE Base.

CODE : DF-451 : Age 42 yrs, Gujarati, 58kgs, 5.4”, MBBS , S.H. Management ,Divorce(short), No issue, very fair & Beautiful, very well settled Professional Class Family Mumbai.

CODE : DF-435 : Age 35 yrs, Jain Oswal, 5.4”,Fair Slim BA (CS) Gold Medalist, Divorce, Have One Son, very Fair & Beautiful, Very well settled Business Class Family.

CODE : DF-463 : Age 46 yrs, 56kg, 5.3”,(Hindu Gujrathi), Diploma in Interior Designing Very Well Educated Family own Business in Africa also ,slim ,Fair , Divorce ,One Son No liability .Res Anand Gujarat.

CODE : DF-462 : Age 29 yrs , 5.5”,Slim fair Beautiful (Hindu Punjabi), BBA,MBA, working in Hindustan Unilever Limited in Marketing, Sound Income , very well Educated Family , Divorce , No Issue , very Fair & Beautiful ,(Andheri Mumbai).

CODE : WF-461 : Age 42 yrs, 55kg, 5feet, (Marwari), SYB.Com Doing working in State Government, Widow No Issue, Sound Income, (Bhandup Mumbai).Wheatish Fair & Beautiful slim.

CODE : DF-459 : Age 35 yrs, 5.4”, (Agarwal Jain), B.Com (Hons) MBA, Very Well Settled Business Class Family, Divorce No Issue, (Delhi NCR ). V. Fair and B’ful ,Pure Veg.

CODE :DF-456 : Age 40 yrs, 5.6”,(Lingayat), MBBS, DGO, DNB, working as Specialist Doctor as Gynecologist Since Last Two Years in Govt. Hospital in Sultanate of OMAN, Divorce ,Issue one son with father liability , wheatish & Beautiful ,(Pune).

CODE : DF-455 : Age 35 yrs, 5.3”,(Sindhi), Diploma in Fashion Designing , Diploma in Commercial , Divorce No Issue ,very Fair & Beautiful ,(Ahmedabad).high Business Class Family

CODE : DF-452 : Age 27 yrs, 56 kg, 5.4”,(Gujrathi vaishnav), M.Com, Chartered Accountant working as Operating in Stock Market, She is Divorce (one month), Sober & Fair ,Slim (Pune).

CODE : DF-450 : Age 35 yrs, 5.6”,(Gujrathi Vaishnov ),C.A, CPA (USA), MBA Accounting(USA) Working in Accounting , She is Divorce No Issue (Mumbai). Familly Business class , Green Card Holder.

CODE : DF-447 : Age 27 yrs, 50kg, 5.3”, (UP Brahmin ), MBA, B.ED; Divorce, Have One Daughter Jhansi

CODE : DF-445 : Age 31 yrs, 55kg, 5.6”, (Sindhi), BA, She is working in MNC, Santacruz, Very Well Settled Educated Family, very Fair & Beautiful, Just Like model girl She is Divorce No Issue (Santacruz Mumbai).

CODE :DF 443 : Age 46 yrs , 68 k.g , 5.7” Marathi Brahmin , BA , own Business and has three Daughters all are well educated and Settled in USA .she is self independent Mumbai.

CODE : DF-448 : Age 30 yrs, 58 kg, 5.4”,(Rajput), MBA(HR) Recruitment , very Fair & Beautiful , very sound Income , Divorce Have One Son (Pune).educated family

CODE : DF-449 : Age 30 yrs, 64 kg, 5.4”,(Hindu Maratha), B.A English, very well Settled Business Class Family Divorce Have One Son , very Fair & Beautiful ,( Pune).she is working in Co. slim.

CODE : DF-453 : Age 33 yrs, 5.6”,(Agarwal)Fair , B.Com, MBA, working with IIM , Divorce Have One Daughter , (Indore).Family Business Class and Educated parents in Indore / Nagpur.

CODE : DF-439 : Age 32 yrs, 60kg, 5.4”,(vaishnav Gujrathi), B.Com, IATA,Working in Co.Divorce No Issue ,Very Well Settled Educated Family & Good Looking ,(Mumbai).

CODE : DF-438 : Age 29 yrs, 57kg, 5.2”, (Gujrathi), B.Com, Diploma Financial Management working as Accounting Assistant, Divorce ,No Issue (Kandivli Mumbai).

CODE : DF-432 : Age 54 yrs, Jain, 62kgs, 5.3”, MSC & MA (USA), Lecturer in College , she is Widower, very No Issue Fair & Beautiful, very well settled Business Class Family

CODE : DF-424 : Age 33 yrs, Jain, 48kgs, BA, Five year Work Experience , she is Divorce No Issue , Very Fair & Beautiful, very well settled Educated Family Mumbai.

CODE : DF-418 : Age 30 yrs , Jain , 58kgs, BA, 5.5”, Divorce Have One Daughter , very fair & Beautiful, very well settled Educated family Cast No Bar Parents in Jaipur and Brother in Mumbai Family Business.

CODE : DF-407 : Age 32 yrs, Jain , BA (ENGLISH , PSYCHOLOGY, JOURNALIM ) MA (ENGLISH), She is Divorce Have one Issue One son, very fair & Beautiful, very well settled Business Class Family Mangalore.

CODE : DF-393 : Age 58 yrs, 5.2”, (Jain) , BA (ECONOMIC) Diploma in E.C.C.ED, Co-ordinator at Pre – primary level , She is Divorce have one son , very fair & Beautiful, very well settled Business Class Family.

CODE : DF- 388 : Age 46 yrs, Gujarati , SSC, Fashion Designing , 5.2”, 60kgs,she is Divorce have one son, very Fair & Beautiful, very well settled Educated Family.

CODE : DF-376 : Age 33 yrs, Gujarati, 45kgs, 5.4”, BA, She is Divorce, one issue son, very fair & Beautiful, very well settled Business class family.

CODE : DF-374 : Age 28 yrs, Oswal Jain, 62kgs, 5.7”, MS IN OPHTHAMOLOGY, She is Divorce No issue , very fair & Beautiful, very well settled Business class family.

CODE : DF-387 : Age 28 yrs, Punjabi Khatri, BSC (Chemistry) Master in HRD Diploma In NIFD, Service in Diamond Firm, 58kgs,she is Divorce, 5.2”, very fair & Beautiful, very well settled Educated family.

ODE : DF-383 : Age 32 yrs, Punjabi, 58kgs, 5.2”, B.D.S From Nair Hospital Mumbai , Dentist, she is Divorce have no issue, very fair & Beautiful, very well settled Business class family.

CODE : DF-378 : Age 36 yrs, Punjabi, 5.4”, BSC, MC(Chemistry), Lecturer in Public School, She is Divorce, have no any issue , very fair & Beautiful, very well settled Business class family.

CODE : DF-431 : Age 29 yrs, Maheshwari, Convent Education , BCOM, Graduation A Computer Literature, 5.1”, she is Divorce Have no issue , very fair & Beautiful, very well settled Business class family.

CODE : DF-464 : Age 42yrs, 55kg, 5.3”, (Gujrati Lohana), B.Com, LLB, Lawyer , she is divorce have one daughter No Liability , very fair & beautiful Mumbai ,Cast No Bar , well Settled ,Grant Road Mumbai.

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